Jan 082013

The Warlands server (playmc.kevile.com:9999) has been updated to 1.4.6!

Please test as much as you can today and report any issues you find in the bug reporting forum here: http://minecraft.kevile.com/smf/index.php/board,12.0.html

This patch has a few more issues than we usually release with, but we wanted to get you all an updated Warlands as soon as possible! The important things are stable, but here are the known issues with this patch:

– mcmmo unarmed is not dealing passive damage increase properly

– superbreaker/excavation are still disabled due to a dupe issue

– magma and geyser spells will occasionally fail to target

– mobrider has been temporarily disabled due to 1.4.6 incompatibility

– faction chat tags temporarily do not appear due to plugin conflict


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