February Build Competition!

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Jan 312013

February Build Competition Begins Tomorrow!

Theme: Guild Halls

Dates: Feb 1 – 28, 2013

Size: 70×70
Players: 4 players max

Players must utilize the 70×70 space to create a guild hall specifically for a KRPG class (Knight, Vagabond, Ranger, Scholar, Sage, Infernus, Conjuror or Dragoon). You may choose only one class to make a guild for (sorry, no custom classes). Each guild hall must have at least 3 challenge rooms/areas that incorporate skills used by that class – the final goal being to get through all the challenges (thus learning how the skills work) and make it to a final room in which the player would receive a chest with a class-specific starter kit.

Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, execution and use of the space provided. It should look good but also be functional so that any new player could easily understand and navigate through it. Unfinished entries will not be considered.

1st Place: 5000 Rupees / 250 Skills
2nd Place: 2500 Rupees / 100 Skills
3rd Place: 1000 Rupees / 50 Skills
* Rupees and skills are split between all players entered

To enter please sign up on the forums! Check back on the forums for your lot number assignment.

Warlands is back!

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Apr 092012

Warlands is Back!
After much anticipation, Warlands is back on the server!  The old map has been cleared and a new map has been put in its place, responding to the feedback on the forums.  Faction claims, memberships, and inventories have all been cleared and the playing field is level for an exciting new chapter in factions pvp.  Use the new single-biome continents to create new strategies, using the 8 playable classes from KRPG.  Assassinate your enemies with a team of Vagabonds silently dropping from the jungle treetops.  Dragoons leap huge chasms and infiltrate perilous mountaintop fortresses.  Scorch your enemies in the desert sun, where there is no cover from the Infernus’ flame spells.

How Factions Works:
Warlands is a world for factions PVP (player-versus-player).  The factions mod allows players to form their own nations and claim territory on the map.  Territory that is held by a faction can only be built upon by members of that faction. Factions can ally together, remain neutral, or declare war on each other at any time, and for any reason, as decided by the faction leader.

Faction war works on an energy points system.  A faction can claim 1 chunk (16×16 blocks, bedrock to sky) for every point of energy it has. For each player in a faction, the faction gains 12 points of power.  When that player dies, he loses 4 points of power, and so does his faction.  A player regenerates one power every 2 minutes, up to his maximum of 12.

To attack a rival faction, kill their players to lower their energy.  A faction who claims 20 chunks needs 20 energy to stay defended.  If you can reduce their power to 19 or less (/f show <faction>), you can unclaim their territory until they become defended again.  For example, if you brought their energy down to 16, you could unclaim 4 chunks of their land before needing to kill more.  Unclaimed territory can be destroyed by anyone, so taking down a key section of your opponents defense can result in victory. However, a smart defense will have many advantages, a well built castle with sturdy walls, TNT landmines, arrow dispensers, cannons, lava pits, traps, gates, and a 70% reduction in damage taken when in home territory.

Join our server at our new in-game URL:

Check out some screenshots of the new map:


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