September Build Competition Begins TODAY!

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Sep 072012
The September build competition will begin today!

Let me explain what we are looking for in this competition: We are looking for architectural styles that can be used as the basis for RPG questing towns on KRPG. The first style we are working with is ancient Greek in origin. We welcome anything you can come up with, we just ask that nothing be futuristic.

There are 50×50 lots set up in construct, right behind where the previous build competition took place.

At the end of September we will pick three winners.
First Place
5000 Rupees
250 Skill Levels
Second Place
2500 Rupees
100 Skill Levels
Third Place
1000 Rupees
50 Skill Levels

Concepts that we really like will be incorporated into our World Restoration Project, where we restyle towns and make them into RPG questing towns. An entire town could be styled based on your build!

If you would like to sign up for a lot for this build competition please reply to this thread and I will set you up with a lot. I will reply to you with the lot number you are assigned. If you would like to work with a buddy you may, two players per lot max.


The styling we came up with for Port Octagon.
Minecraft RPG Server Architecture


Warlands 3 Released!

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Aug 262012

New: Two Server IPs, Two DynMaps

Warlands Server
Warlands DynMap

RPG Server or
RPG DynMap:

Money and Skills are shared between servers!

New Map: Warlands 3

Created directly from player feedback, and expanding on the favorite parts of Warlands 2!  Now features nether islands, non-capturable zones that spawn mass pigmen and ghasts.  Group PvE and farm the nether islands for enchanting experience! Ambush enemy factions and steal their dropped experience orbs!



New Server Hardware!

Thank you to all our donators!  Warlands and all PVP-related maps will be running on the new server!
32GB Quad-Channel Ram
i7 6-Core @ 3.2 ghz
80 Player Slots

New Factions Ruleset & Points System

Players who are killed now respawn at the Warlands spawn castle, not at their /f home

Power Changes:
Players now have 8 max power (was 12)
Dying causes you to lose 2 power (was 4)
Players now lose 1 power per day of inactivity (was 0.5)

Territory Changes:
Trying to place/destroy blocks in enemy land causes 4 damage
Faction moderators no longer bypass owned land restrictions
Factions cannot claim land that is not touching land they already own

New Death Back System:

After dying, items are no longer automatically brought back into your inventory.
You are now required to use the command: /death back to retrieve your items. You have 5 minutes to use this command after dying or your items will be dropped.
Items are no longer dropped after disconnecting while dead.  If you can log back into the server within 5 minutes from the time you disconnected, you can retrieve your items using /death back.
WARNING: Only use ‘/death back’ in the world that you last died.  Using ‘/death back’ in the wrong world will cause your items to be dropped on the ground!

PVP Item Drop Mechanics

In addition to the new /death back system, when you die in Warlands you will drop some of your items!
Drop 10% of your items!
Drop 15% of your items
Drop 25% of your items

Stacks of items will lose a % of their total size.  You will also drop a % of your unstackable items.
These pictures were after a death in lava (Environmental — 10% loss):

Shared Server Chat

Server chat is shared between the Warlands and RPG servers.  Messages from the other server are in yellow and have the [IP of the server] in brackets.

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Build Competition Winners

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Aug 262012

Another build competition comes to an end. Our theme this time: Bridges. I created a series of lots over two rivers and the players were given the task of building a bridge over their section of river. They had from July 20th to August 25th to finish.

At midnight the finished Dynmap view looked like this:
Minecraft Server Build Competition

I know I started this thing out saying that I’d pick one winner. Well, kevile convinced me to award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places this time. So I am going to award three entries! First place gets 5000 Rupees and 250 skill points (as previously advertised), second place gets 2000 Rupees and 100 skill points and third place will get 1000 Rupees and 50 skill points. For entries with multiple players each player will get the stated amount, it will not be split up.

So I guess you just really want to know who won, right?

Third place went to sdragp7 on lot 009. Seriously go inside this thing, it is super cool in there.
Minecraft Server Build Competition

Second place goes to Laughy_tafy, Buffalo_bandit and Hummel150 on lot 004. They recreated Minecraft terrain by hand!
Minecraft Server Build Competition

And finally…..First place is going to Block47 on lot 008!! Within the 50×150 lot Block created a tiny little town, you can meander around little parks, a dock, pedestrian walkway, two-lane road, buildings with parking lots. Looks really great!
Minecraft Server Build Competition

Congratulations to the winners! You did an excellent job! Everyone should go to Construct and explore all the entries!

Stay tuned for info on the next build competition!

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Bridge Build Competition Deadline Extended!

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Aug 192012

I have decided to extend the deadline for bridges build competition. Now you have until 8/25 to complete your bridge. Below is the dynmap of Construct as of now. Looks like some haven’t started yet! >_<

Minecraft Server Dynmap


On 8/25 Kev and I will judge the bridges as they are. Good luck!