February Build Competition!

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Jan 312013

February Build Competition Begins Tomorrow!

Theme: Guild Halls

Dates: Feb 1 – 28, 2013

Size: 70×70
Players: 4 players max

Players must utilize the 70×70 space to create a guild hall specifically for a KRPG class (Knight, Vagabond, Ranger, Scholar, Sage, Infernus, Conjuror or Dragoon). You may choose only one class to make a guild for (sorry, no custom classes). Each guild hall must have at least 3 challenge rooms/areas that incorporate skills used by that class – the final goal being to get through all the challenges (thus learning how the skills work) and make it to a final room in which the player would receive a chest with a class-specific starter kit.

Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, execution and use of the space provided. It should look good but also be functional so that any new player could easily understand and navigate through it. Unfinished entries will not be considered.

1st Place: 5000 Rupees / 250 Skills
2nd Place: 2500 Rupees / 100 Skills
3rd Place: 1000 Rupees / 50 Skills
* Rupees and skills are split between all players entered

To enter please sign up on the forums! Check back on the forums for your lot number assignment.

Server Patch 2012-04-13

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Apr 142012

– conjuror is back online, no longer summons mobs, gained advanced taming abilities, gained “summon blizzard” spell
+ more info here: http://minecraft.kevile.com/smf/index.php/topic,1084.msg4757.html#msg4757

– weapon & tool right-click abilities (**YOU READY YOUR SHOVEL**) are once again only available on the correct classes

– pvp aware spells have been added for warlands, use your normal spell with “pvp” added to the end when in warlands to damage other players
+ these spells are aware of your factions relationships
+ example “/c fireballpvp” instead of “/c fireball”

– balanced several spell cooldowns and damage values for PVP


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