Sep 272013


+ Installed ‘Towny Advanced’ for land claim management
+ New portal added to spawn: Quick-Teleport to edge of resource zone

* Fixed issue with chunkloaders failing when unattended
* Fixed issue with quarries resetting boundaries when unattended [!]
* Fixed issue with IC2 machines appearing to face the wrong direction
* Replaced plugin-based spawn portals with IC2 teleporter network

– Removed GriefPrevention land claiming system
– Removed MultiVerse world management system

Using Towny

Towny has replaced GriefPrevention for land management and claims on the server.  The full guides for using towny can be checked here:

For a quick explanation and list of commands, see below:
Towny allows you to create a town to claim land.  Inviting players to join your town increases the amount of land you can claim.  Joining another player’s town will give more land than two individiual towns with 1 player each.  The more players in your town, the bigger the bonus to land claims you will recieve.

/towny map
/town list
/town join <name>
/town leave
/town new <name>
/town add <player>
/town claim

( More commands under /town help, /towny help, /help towny )

Leveling Up
Workshop – 1 Resident – 4 Chunks
Facility – 2 Residents – 10 Chunks
Factory – 4 Residents – 24 Chunks
Laboratory – 8 Residents – 56 Chunks
Complex – 16 Residents – 128 Chunks,2296.msg12247.html

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