Jul 172013

We’re currently running a FeedTheBeast MindCrack Pack server (latest version) on playmc.kevile.com:9995!
The server is white-listed because FTB is nearly impossible to secure against griefers.
Start a new topic in this board named “WhiteList Application <yourname>” to apply for access.

Our FTB-MindCrack Pack server takes place in the ruins of a huge destroyed city. You can claim plots of land and fix up the buildings, clear rubble from the streets and barricade yourself against the monsters.  Beneath the city is a complete network of sewers, which have been overrun with hostile mobs.  There is a world for resource harvesting, a Twilight Forest map for finding rare materials and creatures, and a nether for harvesting lava and other new ores!

Apply for the whitelist and help us take back the city!

You can find the FeedTheBeast launcher here: http://feed-the-beast.com/#download_wrapper
We are running the latest version of the MindCrack mod pack (v8.3.2)

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