Oct 022012

I like how this has been working out, so I’m going to be posting these changelogs every Monday night, covering what i fixed/upgraded in the past week!

Changes 9/25 -> 10/1

Made a lot of progress on the Gameworld PVP arenas this weekend, and also fixed 3 major pvp/factions bugs

* Unsafe commands disabled while in an arena battle
* PVP disabled in gameworld outside of arenas
* Fixed warlands class-change signs to kick & reset players
* Pistons can no longer affect faction territory they are not built in
+ There is now a 30-second cooldown when trying to use teleport commands after fighting
+ Logging off within 30 seconds of PVPing will cause you to die, dropping the normal amount of items. /death back can still be used upon reconnecting
+ Web is now available in the warlands spawn shop for 100 rupees

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And the one i forgot to turn into a blog post, from last week:

Changes 9/17 -> 9/24

+ Added Unbind spell!  Can now unbind spells bound to items.  Hold the item and /c unbind <spell> !
* Fixed issue muting players with mixed capitalization in their names
+ Added the Herbalism skill to the Sage class!  Check the commands list for more info!
+ Scholar’s Excavation ability now has a 2% chance to yield any type of music disc!
+ Internal testing of pvp arenas in pvp-game-world has begun

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