RPG Server Updated to 1.4.5

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Dec 112012

The RPG server (playmc.kevile.com:25565) has been updated to 1.4.5!  Please report any issues you find on release in the bug reporting forum here: http://minecraft.kevile.com/smf/index.php/board,12.0.html

The Warlands server will be updating to 1.4.5 within a few days.


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Servers Going Down for Maintenance

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Dec 112012

Both servers are going down for some maintenance and prep for 1.4.5 update.  Servers will be down for a few hours, I will update this post when they are back online!


UPDATE: KRPG is back online!


Hurricane Warning

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Oct 282012

So, there’s this gigantic hurricane coming and it’s pretty much aimed directly for KRPG.  There is a good chance that the servers will be losing power and going down Monday or Tuesday.  I do not know how long the power will be down, but hopefully we will be back up and running by this weekend.  Here are some fun pictures of our impending doom:

We will keep you updated, probably via twitter as we will only have our mobile phones.  Keep watching the homepage for updates!


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