Performance Patch 7/16

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Jul 162012

Major patch today that focused on preventing lag, and improving overall stability.

– Removed several unused plugins
* Changed /msg and /list back to old format
+ Updated server jar
+ Installed detailed lag analysis plugin
– Removed MagicCarpet for being slow
+ Added ‘Fly’ to replace MagicCarpet
– Disabled magnet mode for chests
* Optimized dynmap settings for better performance
* Votifier reward message now includes amount
* Votifier reward increased to 50 rupees
+ Added 4 new voting sites to homepage
* Cleaned databases of all records in old worlds
+ Updated 5 server plugins that had gone out of date
– Remove PermissionsBukkit permissions system
+ Rewrote server permissions in PermissionsEX
* Eliminated lag that occured during class selection

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Server Patch 2012-04-13

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Apr 142012

– conjuror is back online, no longer summons mobs, gained advanced taming abilities, gained “summon blizzard” spell
+ more info here:,1084.msg4757.html#msg4757

– weapon & tool right-click abilities (**YOU READY YOUR SHOVEL**) are once again only available on the correct classes

– pvp aware spells have been added for warlands, use your normal spell with “pvp” added to the end when in warlands to damage other players
+ these spells are aware of your factions relationships
+ example “/c fireballpvp” instead of “/c fireball”

– balanced several spell cooldowns and damage values for PVP


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