KRPG2: Warlands — Closed Beta Begins!

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Mar 062014

KRPG2 Closed Beta has been released!


How The Beta Works
– This is a closed beta for registered KRPG1 Veterans only.  The closed beta phase is to allow players to sample the new gameplay mechanics & help us shape the balance of the final release, as well as to find any remaining bugs or exploits.  As of now, there are 4 Tier-1 classes available (levels 1-50), and two major gamemodes:  survival & factions.  As beta progresses, additional gamemodes and features may be released.


Registered players can visit here for more information on the forums:,41.0.html

KRPG FTB City 1.0 Patch Released

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Sep 272013


+ Installed ‘Towny Advanced’ for land claim management
+ New portal added to spawn: Quick-Teleport to edge of resource zone

* Fixed issue with chunkloaders failing when unattended
* Fixed issue with quarries resetting boundaries when unattended [!]
* Fixed issue with IC2 machines appearing to face the wrong direction
* Replaced plugin-based spawn portals with IC2 teleporter network

– Removed GriefPrevention land claiming system
– Removed MultiVerse world management system

Using Towny

Towny has replaced GriefPrevention for land management and claims on the server.  The full guides for using towny can be checked here:

For a quick explanation and list of commands, see below:
Towny allows you to create a town to claim land.  Inviting players to join your town increases the amount of land you can claim.  Joining another player’s town will give more land than two individiual towns with 1 player each.  The more players in your town, the bigger the bonus to land claims you will recieve.

/towny map
/town list
/town join <name>
/town leave
/town new <name>
/town add <player>
/town claim

( More commands under /town help, /towny help, /help towny )

Leveling Up
Workshop – 1 Resident – 4 Chunks
Facility – 2 Residents – 10 Chunks
Factory – 4 Residents – 24 Chunks
Laboratory – 8 Residents – 56 Chunks
Complex – 16 Residents – 128 Chunks,2296.msg12247.html

KRPG FeedTheBeast MindCrack Pack Server

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Jul 172013

We’re currently running a FeedTheBeast MindCrack Pack server (latest version) on!
The server is white-listed because FTB is nearly impossible to secure against griefers.
Start a new topic in this board named “WhiteList Application <yourname>” to apply for access.

Our FTB-MindCrack Pack server takes place in the ruins of a huge destroyed city. You can claim plots of land and fix up the buildings, clear rubble from the streets and barricade yourself against the monsters.  Beneath the city is a complete network of sewers, which have been overrun with hostile mobs.  There is a world for resource harvesting, a Twilight Forest map for finding rare materials and creatures, and a nether for harvesting lava and other new ores!

Apply for the whitelist and help us take back the city!

You can find the FeedTheBeast launcher here:
We are running the latest version of the MindCrack mod pack (v8.3.2)

KRPG2 Details Released!

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Jul 142013



As we prepare to release KRPG2, we have released a huge list of new features for you to check out on the forums!  Check out the new features post here: Forum Link


Class System

Following feedback from our community, the class system of KRPG2 has been redesigned from the ground up using the ‘Heroes’ plugin system.  The major points we set out to address were:

  • Remove the ‘Pay to Win’ effect of custom classes & donator perks
  • Standardize the backend of the skill system for better compatibility with special gamemodes (Factions, Arenas, and the prevention of friendly-fire)
  • Allow powerful class customization without forcing the player to donate real money

The new system is built on the concept of ‘Class Gems’. Players choose one Class Gem to begin with (your tier 1 class), which grants them permissions for armor/weapons/equipment, and a skill unlock progression from levels 1-50.
The four starter Class Gems are:

Warrior: High HP, high melee damage, can wield all weapon types, can wear iron, chain-mail, & leather armor
Cleric: Second highest HP, healing & group support abilities, can wear iron, chain-mail, & leather armor
Rogue: Less HP, high archery damage, stealth and burst-damage abilities, limited to chain-mail & leather armor
Mage Low HP, powerful offensive spells and special effect abilities, limited to leather armor only

When a player gains enough experience to reach level 51, they reach Tier 2, and can choose a second, additional Class Gem. This introduces customization and personalization in the Class Gem system by allowing the player either mix classes (hybrid classes), or specialize in a single class for additional abilities (pure classes).

Pure Classes gain more powerful versions of their T1 counterpart, along with additional equipment training.
Warrior-2: Improved versions of Warrior skills, access to diamond armor
Cleric-2: Stronger healing and group support abilities
Rogue-2: Stronger burst damage abilities, improved stealth
Mage-2: Powerful damage spells and effects

Hybrid Classes combine the skill sets and equipment training of both Tier-1 classes.

At third tier, level 101+, the player can choose their third and final Class Gem.  At this level, there are a huge number of possible combinations, ensuring the player can develop their character exactly as they would like to.

Pure Classes take the basic abilities to the extreme, and represent the peak of the class’ role.

Semi-Hybrid Classes have strong T2 abilities in their primary class, but remain versatile with an additional role.
Warrior-2 Rogue
Warrior-2 Cleric
Warrior-2 Mage
Rogue-2 Warrior
Rogue-2 Cleric
Rogue-2 Mage
Cleric-2 Warrior
Cleric-2 Rogue
Cleric-2 Mage
Mage-2 Warrior
Mage-2 Rogue
Mage-2 Cleric

Tri-Hybrid Classes can fill almost any role required, but lack the specialized skill of a pure or semi-hybrid class.
Warrior Rogue Cleric
Warrior Rogue Mage
Warrior Cleric Mage
Rogue Cleric Mage

Warp Crystals

Warp Crystals have replaced the gates of KRPG1 that allow you to travel between worlds.  They are scattered around the spawn city in Mortal Realm. Standing underneath a Warp Crystal will instantaneously teleport you to the destination world. Warlands contains capturable Warp Crystals that can be conquered and owned by your faction, preventing their use to other players and locking their destination world to your faction only (more info about this in the ‘Warlands 4’ section).

Mortal Realm

Mortal Realm is the new freebuild world created for KRPG2. New players will spawn within the quartz walls of the castle city.  After completing a short tutorial, players can set out into the world, exploring the floating islands and vast plains of the map. Mortal Realm offers an experience similar to vanilla minecraft survival, but offers a custom generated map with a  sky layer, access to a 1:1 scale nether, & the ability to claim & protect land for yourself. Adventure, collect resources, explore caves, sell goods to other players, hoard gold & trade it for ‘rupees’ at the castle city, build towns, and level up your character without worrying about the threat of PvP.

Desktop Wallpaper Version (1920×1080):

Warlands 4

The newest version of the popular Warlands map has been designed to present a difficult environmental challenge to players.  Travelling on the surface requires you to traverse dense, dangerous mob-filled jungles.  Find safety in the floating islands, but little in the way of resources, forcing factions to make expeditions to the dangerous surface level & massive cave systems below to equip their armies.  Nether islands and floating glowstone orbs dot the skies, providing access to all available game resources without having to travel between worlds.

Instead of the large, central volcano providing lava and obsidian resources to a single controlling faction, surface water has been replaced with small lava pools, providing scattered, finite deposits of obsidian resources.  In addition to this change, obsidian blocks are now destroyable using repeated blasts of TNT. The ‘obsidian box’ method of base building will no longer grant your faction near-invulnerability, forcing more creative methods of defense to emerge.  The distributed nature of the lava lakes will also prevent a single faction or alliance from controlling and monopolizing the obsidian resources across the map, giving newer factions a stronger chance at securing a foothold.

Capturable Warp Crystals

Warlands 4 introduces a new Capturable Warp Crystal system.  We are starting with a single crystal, but plan to add more in the future.  The purpose is to allow a faction to capture and hold a warp which gives them access to a large amount of resources, at the cost of becoming vulnerable to enemy attacks.  The portal in the above picture leads to an arena zone, ‘Red Castle’. The portal is only usable by keeping one of your faction members on top of a pressure plate for one minute without being knocked off.  Once the capture is complete, only your faction members can teleport to the Red Castle Arena world.  Holding this Capturable Warp Crystal will allow your faction to send troops into the Red Castle arena, and deny any other factions from reinforcing their Red Castle guards.

Red Castle Arena

The RedCastle Arena is a small attack & defend zone.  Players entering from the warlands start in an open field, and must storm the Red Castle at the opposite end of the map.  After defeating the guards in Red Castle, you can capture the portal to the Gunpowder Farm, which allows your faction to gain large amounts of gunpowder for use in crafting TNT. Capturing the nether-portal (again, 60 seconds on a pressure plate without being knocked off) grants access to the gunpowder farm. Capturing the portal will immediately kick all other factions out of the Gunpowder Farm and back into the Warlands, so guarding the Red Castle is critical to keeping your faction’s hold on the farm.

Gunpowder Farm

The gunpowder farm resembles a large nether-fortress, but is floating above a sea of lava in a world of it’s own.  The only mob that will spawn within the Gunpowder Farm is the Creeper, and they spawn in great numbers.  This provides factions a way to farm large amounts of gunpowder for creating TNT, as well as a place to level up your character.  If another faction captures the Red Castle, everyone inside the Gunpowder Farm will be kicked back to the Warlands spawnpoint, so leaving guards at the Red Castle or the Capturable Warp Crystal in warlands is necessary.

Factions 1.8 Update & Rule-set Changes

– Home territory damage shield has been reduced from 70% to 50%
– Explosion protection for offline factions decreased from 30min to 10min
– Can no longer /f home when not in Warlands.
– Factions are now linked to the rupee currency economy:
– Claiming land costs 100 rupees for the 1st chunk, and a 10% increase on each additional chunk (110, 121, 133, 146…)
– 50 rupee discount for claiming land from another faction
– It now costs 1,000 rupees to create a faction
– Changing the location of your /f home costs 100 rupees
– Each player you invite costs your faction 100 rupees
– For every chunk of land you own your faction bank will gain 1 rupee per hour
– The SafeZone, WarZone, and other territory options which are no longer present in conf.json are largely now available to all factions using flags (/f flag) and perms (/f perm). Get familiar with those two commands, they are powerful.
– Allies now have the ability to do various things in allied territory, which they didn’t used to be able to. The new Truce relation is more in line with how Allies used to work. If you want Allies to not have this new access, you might want to change individual faction perms using /f perm (ex. /f perm SomeFaction build ally false) or change the defaults for all factions in the config (ex. /f config factionPermDefaults build ally to toggle). Besides “build” perm, allies also now default to having “door”, “lever”, and “button” perms as well.
– New faction members now start out at the Recruit level, which gives very limited access to prevent griefing. They will need to be promoted to full Member status (/f promote, also note there is /f demote) in order to have full access within the faction.
– The owner system (/f owner) which worked only on people in the faction was replaced by the more powerful access system (/f access) which can apply to people from other factions, and even apply to entire other factions.
– Additional information about the Factions 1.8 update can be found on the MassiveCraft website here: (recommended reading for those interested in leading their own faction)

The Old World

The Old World is the continuation of the original freebuild map from KRPG1.  The map is not editable by players until a property application is made, claiming your old buildings (to prevent griefing).  Property applications can be submitted on the forums.

The Ancient Rift

Brought back by community request, the Rift was the first venture into custom map generation back in the early era of KRPG1 (pre-beta).  The same rules apply to Rift and OldWorld — terrain is not editable by players until a property application is made, claiming your old buildings (to prevent griefing).  Property applications can be submitted on the forums.

Creative Construct World

The Construct is the continuation of the original Construct from KRPG1.  This is the creative world, where land plots for building can be purchase using the server currency, rupees.  It also hosts the build competitions, where players can compete in specific timed, themed projects, for rewards such as rupees and perks normally only available by donation.


Heavens (the staff testing world) serves as a Warp Crystal hub for players. From here, you can reach the Construct, OldWorld, and Rift worlds. The primary purpose of Heavens is to give the staff a place to test, reproduce, and fix gameplay issues in an isolated, controlled environment.

Progression Questline Worlds

KRPG2 is developing a rich RPG-PvE questline which crosses several elemental-themed worlds (Fire, Ice, Earth, Air).  These worlds are still under development, information will be released on the forums as it becomes available.